Manic Monday Devotion

Written by on January 21, 2019

Hey there this is Pastor Brad with another Manic Monday. Recently during our Off Da Cuff podcast our lead Pastor, Mac made a statement I couldn’t write down fast enough. He said quote “you are either interested or invested.” I believe many people really are interested in Jesus. I believe most people want to go to heaven. But truth is just having interest in Jesus will never get you to heaven. It’s only when you sell out to Jesus and follow Him, will you ever see heaven. That’s when you go from being interested into invested. So my question to you today is very simple. The answer you give will determine where you spend eternity. Are you simply interested in Jesus, or have you invested in Him? You can fool people around you into believing that you are invested, but Jesus knows the real you. You will invest in what truly matters to you.

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