Hey there this is Pastor Brad with another Manic Monday. Recently during our Off Da Cuff podcast our lead Pastor, Mac made a statement I couldn’t write down fast enough. He said quote “you are either interested or invested.” I believe many people really are interested in Jesus. I believe most people want to go […]

Reckless 4 Jesus – Being Strong When You Think You Can’t There came a point when I wanted take a break from doing my blogs. But then I started to feel bad. For a girl who talks about if there’s God, there’s light, I sure wasn’t shining no light for others to follow. So just […]

Women In The Word – Love Hard ❤️ I grew up in a picture perfect home with two parents that love each other unconditionally. They have supported me through every endeavor I have chosen to take on in life and always showed me LOVE along the way. They never argued in front of me and […]

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