Manic Monday – 3-18-19 Hey there this is Pastor Brad with another Manic Monday. Today I want to remind you that God can handle your meltdown. Last week was a rough week for me. I let circumstances get the best of me and I handled it miserably. I mean at one point I had to […]

Reckless 4 Jesus – If Today Was My Last Day If today was my last day on Earth (which it very well could be) I would like my last words and actions to be things I usually do and say. For instance, when people get diagnosed with cancer, their bucket list items start getting crossed […]

Women In The Word – Bruised, Battered, Broken Hey ya’ll it’s Lizzie with “Women In The Word.” Today my topic is “Bruised, Battered, Broken, But Still Beautiful.” The scripture that we are looking at is Isaiah 66:9 “I will not cause pain without allowing something to be born says the Lord.” You are beautiful just […]

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