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Manic Monday Devotion

Manic Monday – Forgiveness Hey there this is Pastor Brad with another Manic Monday. Do any of you guys struggle with forgiveness? Forgiving others can be difficult. In fact it can seem impossible considering some circumstances. I’ve had a person ow two that I struggled to forgive but I have. Here’s how I did it. […]

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Reckless 4 Jesus

Reckless 4 Jesus – Exposed… If being a Christian isn’t exciting to you, you’ve done something wrong. Most people assume there’s a list of things you can’t do or that there’s just simply no fun in following all of God’s “rules”. I beg to differ. “Reverence for the Lord is pure, lasting forever. The laws […]

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Women In The Word

Women In The Word – Are you in shape Hey guys, so here goes – let’s just state the TRUTH… I’m a gym junkie and have a flat out conniption fit if I don’t get to go one day. I’m all about being in shape and being the best ME that I can be. The […]

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