Faith and Flip Flops

Written by on November 18, 2019

Faith And Flip Flops – Skittle Colored Giraffe

This quote by Atlas caught my attention on Facebook the other day:” I find it amusing that we’re all pretending to be normal when we could be insanely interesting instead.” You guys I read it and re-read it. Borrowed the quote from my friend and posted it. No one else really paid much attention to it but I kept going back to it. Why are most people afraid to be interesting and let their true light shine? Why do we put ourselves in a box and only let our true selves come out and play at certain times? Why are we chaining ourselves to society’s expectations? For Pete’s sake ……Isaiah 64:8 “Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay; you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” Do you imagine that THE Sculptor works like a manufacturing line, duplicating the same perfect person over and over and throwing out the ones with nicks and scratches??? HECK NO!! So Why have we turned ourselves into social prescribed robots? Because we are letting OTHER people set our standards and placing THEIR expectations of us higher than God’s. Now read that again my friends.

Who sits higher than God? No one. Why do we let others get in between us and Him? Because we are sinners by nature. Basically, it is our job to mess up and for God to keep throwing us back on that potter’s wheel and fixing us. If your vessel is like mine, it has been broken and fixed so many times that it looks absolutely nothing like it did the first time it came off that wheel. It has dings and dents, splatters of different colors and is probably very misshapen. Yet God never gives up and this crazy twisted ball of clay is mighty happy about that. At some point, after all of the remodeling God has done for me and the Faith that comes from knowing He will fix me EVERY time, I threw in the towel on normal. Yep, for the most part, I dove headfirst into the insanely interesting part. I mean why not?

I, like most of you, drank the kool-aid too. I worked hard to fit in with the cool crowd – wearing the right clothes, the perfect hair and makeup, always following their lead and thankful for every invitation extended to me by the rulers of the cool club. I watched what I said and who I said it in front of. I worried if this or that person would like me and went to functions I had zero interest in, but I knew it “looked” good. Seriously, I do not even like to drink, but I would tote around a glass of wine at a function because everyone else did. If they needed me for ANYTHING, I was on it, dog on it! Yes, I subscribed to all of the craziness and it consumed me, which probably did not make God so happy and took away my joy.

In January 2016 my best friend passed away, without warning, and it broke my heart because she was the sister God had given me. I quite literally believe I had a heart attack that night. The friends, our friends, buzzed around for maybe a week and a half and then most of them disappeared. In my sheer misery I could not reach out to them and could not do the things I normally did for them. I gave the excuse that we had never had a loss in our group and that they just did not know how to handle it. I do not know what the reason was, but I do know that in MY time of need, they did not show up, but other people did. Unexpected people that I had just met and people from my past showed up BIG once just one of them realized I was in trouble. They kept showing up for me and they did not have to. I mean I had never done anything for most of these newbies. Wasn’t that how it was supposed to work? As my fog of grief lifted I realized what true friendship was – it is pushing your friend in the wheel barrel when she cannot walk on her own, hauling her out in her PJs for ice cream, talking and drinking wine, sitting on the floor holding puppies and letting God be present. Do you think my kool-aid drinking friends 0would have done that? For most of them, that would have been a big, fat NO. And so, I began to change. Some say the change is “fake.” However, the only the only fake part is the part of the process was the old me I left behind.

I have things to say and I say them. I have thoughts that randomly pop out. I may wear my fancy dress and shoes, or I may be rocking the $9.99 special. I do carry a fancy purse most of the time but that is because I like it – that is part of who I am. If you like the $9.99 special, I am cool with that too. If God strikes a chord in me, I am going to play it wherever I am. If I feel uncomfortable, I will think it through and walk away if that is what makes sense for me. I have zero interest in being the Mom that follows her kid around school like a puppy, makes all the wonderful Pinterest things, matches her kids every day and holds up the car line. You do you, Boo, but we are still cool, I just ain’t doing it anymore. I QUIT! Robot Girl is gone! I kicked her to the side and replaced her with a Hot Mess, God Loving Southern Belle that is way more interesting and doesn’t mind clunking around in the broke up Vessel God keeps fixing. Apparently the more broken I get the more colorful He makes me! Watch out world, there is a Rainbow-Colored Skittled Giraffe named Betsy sliding your way and she is insanely interesting.

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